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Pack out / Pack back and Storage:

J&M Keystone utilizes the very latest in technology (Matterport 3D mapping software and cameras) to ensure a detailed map of your home and personal contents are produced prior to any pack-out services are performed. All damage and all areas are thoroughly documented for you and your insurance company to review. This new technology, along with our inventory system, also keeps track of what the company has and where it needs to be placed back after your restoration services are completed. Our contents team will sit with you and explain the entire process and send you a link to your photos and your own personal Matterport.
All items deemed TLI or ruined are stored for inspection by the insurance company or yourself until a release is signed.
Your contents are safe! J&M Keystone has a climate-controlled facility gated, locked, monitored security, and cameras.
Contents Cleaning Restoration:

J&M Keystone specializes in cleaning fire, smoke, odor, mold, water, and sewage damaged property and contents. Our specialists are certified in water mitigation, odor, and contaminant removal. Our specialists work with you to assess everything valuable to you. We can preserve and restore your personal items to there pre-loss condition.

If your belongings cannot be cleaned on-site and need to be taken to our facility, we start by using a digital recording system ( ICAT). J&M Keystones inventory system creates a catalog of your belongings. We can provide that list to you in both digital and paper formats. Once we have an inventory, we carefully package your contents and transport them to our facility. When your items are restored, they are re-packaged and stored in our climate-controlled warehouse. All of your belongings are in their private vault for safe-keeping.

This ordeal can be messy!

When restoring structural damage from fire, water, or mold, it’s vital to protect the contents of your home or business. If they haven’t already been damaged, they may be damaged or even destroyed during the remediation process. While some content can be stored on-site, other items are too delicate, valuable, or heavily damaged to be restored or stored there. In some cases, the building may also be too heavily damaged to allow on-site storage. Most HOA’s have restrictions on PODS or containers. Pack-out services take the worry out of protecting your belongings in the aftermath of a disaster and let you deal with other pressing matters.
J&M Keystone will carefully sort items into two categories: salvageable and total loss.  J&M Keystone utilizes the latest technology, including Hydroxyl machines. In addition, nothing beats the delicate touch and care of personal hand cleaning. An heirloom that you might think is gone forever could be salvaged to be enjoyed for generations.
If you’ve experienced a disaster, team J&M is at your service.

For a facility tour, please call 619-466-9876

What We Do For You

  • Matterport 3D technology property evaluation
  • Hand detailed cleaning of each item
  • ICAT Contents Inventory System
  • Secure Climate Controlled Storage
  • Odor Removal with Hydroxyl System
  • Smoke Removal
  • Water Damage & Dry Out
  • Vandalism
  • Specialty items including electronics and appliances
  • Cleaning & Launder of clothing

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