Learn About The Dangers of DIY Pressure Washing , 15 th Jun 2017

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We’ve talked before about why it’s a good idea to let a professional handle your pressure washing needs. A report from ABC News detailed just some of the potential dangers posed by people doing their own pressure washing.

We’ll talk about it in this issue.

How dangerous is pressure washing?

The ABC News report emphasized the fact that, in 2014 alone, about 6,000 people had to be taken to the emergency room for treatment of injuries from pressure washers.

A portion of those injuries was proven to have been caused by a nozzle that increases water pressure. The red nozzle provides the most water pressure at zero degrees.

It’s so powerful that a warning to consumers from Consumer Reports was issued.

An undercover portion of the news report showed that only one of three rental stores visited by the news crew offered warning instructions about the nozzle’s danger.

How can I use a pressure washer safely?

  • Because of their power, never point a pressure washer at others or even pets.
  • Wear protective equipment, including glasses, gloves, boots and long sleeves while operating your pressure washer.
  • While pressure washing your house, it’s a good idea to begin at the top and work downward.
  • Avoid windows, screens and electrical outlets.

When should I let a professional do the pressure washing?

While you may be able to handle more manageable pressure washing tasks like a deck or one-story house, for bigger jobs it just makes sense to call on a professional.

Bigger jobs require heavier and more powerful equipment – and the professional cleaners already have that equipment.

They also have the knowledge on how to deal with hard-to-reach areas without falling and have expertise in cleaning areas like house roofs without causing damage.

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