San Diego Residential & Commercial Insurance Property Claims

If you have experienced a flood or water damage, be sure to call your insurance company if it’s significant enough to require professional attention.

How do you know?

  • If you cannot clean it up with a shop vacuum or a good mop, you may have a bigger problem than you can handle. It’s better to leave it to the professionals.
  • J&M Keystone, Inc. technicians know how to fix the problem immediately, reducing the long term damage that water can have on your home or business. In any event, the sooner you take action, the less this experience will cost you in the long run, and the sooner you will resume your normal operations.

Potential Water Damage Losses

  • Crumbling drywall and plaster
  • Warped flooring
  • Stained ceilings
  • Moldy carpets
  • Many more

Common Causes of Water Damage:

  • Burst hoses on washing machines, refrigerator ice-makers, and other appliances
  • Cracks in grout and calk allowing water to seep in and rot the wooden structure of your home or business
  • Pipes and drains Stoppages of toilets and drains (especially kitchen drains, where grease can build up)
  • Stoppages of garbage disposals
  • Clogging of air conditioner lines
  • Stoppages of drains from clothes washers, due to lint accumulationDeterioration and bursting of water lines to clothes washers
  • Roots in sewer lines
  • In older homes and buildings, cast iron and copper pipes are often installed next to each other. As the copper corrodes the cast iron, they will eventually break.

J&M Keystone, Inc. can handle any size insurance claim, from cleaning smoke residue or extracting small amounts of water, to reconstructing entire homes or commercial buildings.  Let J&M Keystone, Inc. be the liaison between you and the insurance company/adjuster to make sure that your home or office is completely restored to your satisfaction.