​The trusted name for professional environmental and biohazard and environmental cleaning in San Diego is J&M Keystone, Inc.

Because it’s incredibly dangerous – and potentially deadly – for someone not expertly trained to come into contact with such materials, it only makes sense to leverage the know-how and special equipment used by our licensed, certified and insured professionals.

What are biohazard and why are they so dangerous?

​Short for “biological hazards,” biohazards are actually organisms or organic materials that are potentially very harmful to people. Examples of dangerous biohazards include bacteria, parasites and viruses.

These materials can cause significant damage after entering our bodies via our respiratory system, contact with body fluids of the infected or through contact with items that are already contaminated.

What are examples of when specialized environmental or biohazard cleaning are needed?

A full list of every possible scenario would be exhausting but among the more common ones are:

  • Crime and trauma scenes, particularly ones involving people that have been physically injured or when chemicals such as tear gas have been utilized;
  • Unattended death, including suicide;
  • Chemical spills;
  • Accidents involving blood and bodily fluids;
  • Sewage cleanup and sanitation services;
  • Hoarding;
  • Animal infestation;
  • Emergency vehicle and facility cleanup;
  • Infectious disease, viral and microbial decontamination;
  • Airborne pathogens.

Why are professional cleanup and restoration services needed?

​Because of the danger posed by biohazards, only personnel who have been trained and certified to handle and clean-up impacted areas should be trusted to do the job.

Understandably, there are strict regulations that must be followed precisely to ensure the safety and health of others.

The J&M Keystone, Inc. approach is to:

  1. Minimize the potential for further damage;
  2. Ensure all infectious materials are carefully removed from the affected area; and
  3. Complete the restoration process so that the property is returned to its previous condition.

In addition to providing biohazard and environmental cleanup for the general public, J&M Keystone, Inc. has ongoing partnerships with San Diego:

  • Coroners and medical examiners;
  • Funeral homes;
  • Police departments;
  • Fire departments;
  • Hospitals;
  • Retirement homes;
  • Apartment communities;
  • Insurance adjusters and agencies;and
  • Departments of Health.

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