J&M Keystone, Inc. Residential Services

For more than three decades, J&M Keystone, Inc. has been helping homeowners throughout the San Diego area by making their houses feel like home again. Whether you need emergency restoration service after a major storm or your carpets cleaned, J&M Keystone, Inc. is the go-to name in San Diego cleaning and restoration.

Available Around the Clock

With a team of over 100 experienced certified professionals and a fleet of vans and trucks, J&M Keystone, Inc. can be onsite for your needs 24/7.

Areas of Specialty

Restoration Services

Emergency restoration from water, fire and mold damage are the cornerstones of our business. Because J&M Keystone professionals are fully trained and certified, your home will be restored the right way the first time.
Our home restoration services include:
•    Flood Damage Restoration
•    Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
•    Mold & Mildew Cleaning and Treatment
•    Recovery from Earthquakes and Major Storms

Cleaning Services

There’s no getting around the fact that accidents are going to happen. Children will tip over their plates and puppies will have accidents. In addition to that, your home takes an enormous amount of wear and tear just from daily living. Our residential cleaning services include:
•    Carpet Cleaning
•    Pressure Washing
•    HVAC System Cleaning
•    Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl & Tile Repairs and Installation
•    Floor Stripping & Waxing
•    Carpentry & Cabinetry Repair and Installation
•    General Construction

J&M Keystone, Inc.’s Contractor Services

Hiring a contractor can save you a lot of headaches and money. J& M Keystone, Inc. contractors know the potential pitfalls involved construction projects, so they’ll know exactly what will be needed to get the job done on time and on budget. They also handle any building codes, permits and proper liability insurance that is required.

Insurance Claims

J&M Keystone, Inc. will happily serve as the liaison between you and your insurance provider/adjustor, bringing you instant peace of mind.

Associations & Affiliations