Space Heater Safety Tips , 05 th Dec 2017

Space heaters are a popular choice for many of us when the cooler temperatures arrive. But just how safe are space heaters? We’ll talk about it in this issue.

How safe are space heaters?

Generally speaking, most electrical space heaters are safer than the portable fuel-burning heaters that rely upon propane, kerosene or natural gas. That’s one reason why, according to the Department of Energy, most states have banned the use of kerosene heaters inside the home.

As for the overall safety of space heaters, the National Fire Protection Association confirms that space heaters are involved in 40% of home heating fires and 84% of home heating fire deaths.

How can I be safe with an electric space heater?

Not all space heaters are created equally, so when purchasing one look for a unit with a label from a recognized testing facility. Names to look for include CSA (Canadian Standard Association) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

It’s also crucial to look for safety features that will turn the space heater off in instances of the unit overheating or tipping over.

For portable electric space heaters, be sure to:

  • Turn the unit off when going to bed or leaving the room;
  • Place the unit on a solid and flat surface; and
  • Plug the unit directly into an outlet – never into an extension cord.

For fuel-burning space heaters:

  • Always use the type and amount of fuel specified by manufacturer;
  • Open a window to ensure ventilation;
  • Allow 5 minutes to pass if pilot light goes out before trying to start heater; and
  • If you smell gas, turn off all heater controls and open a window.

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