Protecting Your Home and Business From Lightning , 06 th Jun 2017


The summertime months are when thunderstorms really get going. With them comes the threat of lightning, which can easily spark home and business fires.

How common are fires caused by lightning? The National Fire Protection Association tells us that fire departments in the U.S. respond to about 22,600 fires per year that were caused by lightning.

In this issue, we’ll share information about how you can protect your home or businesses from lightning fires.

  • Don’t use water while a thunderstorm is nearby.
    Water is a fantastic conduit for electricity, so avoid things like taking showers and washing hands while a thunderstorm is in your area.
  • Protect your electronics.
    Lightning can work its way into your home or business by following wiring or phone lines. If it hits your electronics, it can do serious damage. A simple way to prevent this is to unplug electronics when a storm is around. Surge protectors are a good thing but lightning is powerful, and can actually plow right through the surge protectors.
  • Install lightning rods to reduce the chances of fires.
    Lightning rods will not decrease the chances of your home or business being struck by lightning but they will give the electricity from it a path to reach the ground more safely.

Here’s how they work:

  • Lightning will strike the rods first because they’re just a bit higher than the structure itself;
  • Electricity from the lightning will be carried by cables from the rods to secured metal ground stakes in the ground.

Call J&M Keystone For Home And Business Fire Restoration In San Diego

No doubt about it, storms and lightning are nothing to play around with…especially when you consider that lightning can reach temperatures 5 times hotter than the sun.

If your home or business is damaged or destroyed by fire, however, keep the home restoration experts at J&M Keystone in mind.

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