Find Out What’s Involved In The Fire Restoration Process , 18 th Jan 2018


If you experience a home or business fire, the top priority, of course, is the safety of yourself and the ones you love. But even if the fire was a small one – in the kitchen, perhaps – the cleanup and restoration process can be an involved one.

In this issue, we’ll describe the fire restoration process.

What kind of damage can be caused by firefighters in putting out my fire?

Keep in mind that fires move quickly as they burn. It can move up, down and across in a flash.

When firefighters arrive, quite often they will break windows or even cut holes in roofs. The technique is called ventilation and is designed to slow the growth of the fire, and it can help save lives of those still inside, as well as save more of your property.

Stay out of the structure unless the firefighters say it’s ok to re-enter.

Even if they appear to be extinguished, fires can start again very quickly. Additionally, floors and roofs that may have been damaged by the fire could easily collapse.

What will the fire restoration professionals do?

Keep in mind that each fire is different, and the associated damage – including that from smoke – will vary from incident to incident.

  • The First Step
    The first order of business will be to get a proper assessment of the damage caused by the fire and smoke. This includes seeing how far the smoke and soot have traveled, and the extent of the damage to your furniture.

Only after thoroughly inspecting the damage will the restoration professionals be able to provide you with a                 timetable for getting your house feeling like home again.

  • The Second Step
    After an assessment has been made, the next priority to prevent further damage to your property. This can include installing a tarp over exposed portions of the structure and sealing any burst pipes to ensure that no more water damage is possible.
  • The Third Step
    After the structure has been secured, attention then turns to clean up, repair and restoration. Perhaps a silver lining in all of this is that fire and water restoration professionals will usually go the extra effort by not only restoring your home or business but also making many necessary repairs – meaning that your place could look much better than when the fire occurred.


We hope it never happens to you or your family, but if your property has been damaged by fire or water, remember that the professionals here at J&M Keystone in San Diego are the ones to call to get your house looking and feeling like home again.

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