Our Christmas Wish: Keep Your Tree Safe , 30 th Nov 2017

christmas tree fire

Last year, an elderly couple lost their lives from a home fire sparked by Christmas tree lights. According to officials, a strand of old lights on their tree failed. Also, there were several gifts under the tree and Duraflame logs nearby.

In this issue, we’ll share information on how you can prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in your household this holiday season.

How common are Christmas tree fires?

While they are not common, Christmas tree fires often turn out to be more serious than other fires. On average, fire departments in the U.S. respond to over 200 home fires involving a Christmas tree.

How can I prevent a Christmas tree fire at my house?

It all starts with the tree you select. Of course, the safest bet is to go with a flame retardant metallic or artificial tree. If you’re intent on buying a real tree, select one with needles that are fresh and green. Do not select a tree with needles that fall off when touched.

After you’ve selected just the right tree, follow these guidelines.

  • Cut 2 inches from the base of the trunk.
  • Place the tree in a secure stand at least 3 feet away from sources of heat (fireplaces, candles, vents).
  • Add water to the tree stand on a daily basis.
  • Make sure light strings and other decorations are in good working condition (don’t use any that have frayed cords and wiring).
  • Do not use lit candles to decorate your tree.
  • Always turn off your tree lights before leaving your home or going to bed.

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