Can 9-Volt Batteries Really Start A Fire? , 05 th Sep 2017

9 volt battery

If you have any 9-volt batteries lying around in a desk drawer somewhere, you may want to think about storing them in another place. That’s because 9-volt batteries are a legitimate fire hazard.

In this issue, we’ll talk about what makes them so dangerous, and share tips for making them less so.

What makes 9-volt batteries so dangerous?

It basically boils down to their design, which pits the terminals against one another in close proximity. In most other batteries, the terminals are end-to-end.

With a 9-volt, all that’s needed to cause a short circuit is a metal object touching the two terminal posts. That alone can cause enough heat to start a fire.

Why is storing them a certain way so important?

Most of us will store 9-volt batteries in drawers. The downside to this is storing them there puts them close to metal objects like paper clips, coins, pens or even other batteries.

The key is to keep them in their original packaging until you’re ready to used them. If they do get loose, you can keep them safe by covering the posts with masking, duct or electrical tape,

You should also remember to:

  • Store batteries standing up
  • Keep them in a place where they won’t be tossed around

What’s the best way to dispose of 9-volt batteries?

They should never be thrown away with trash. In fact, some fires have started in trash when 9-volt batteries were thrown away with other metal objects.

To properly dispose of them, make sure the positive and negative posts are covered with tape before being disposed of.

For battery disposal here in San Diego, please visit the City of San Diego’s battery recycling site.


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