Faster to Any Size Disaster

When your home or business is rocked by water, fire, storm damage or other disaster, you’re up against the clock. Every minute lost is another minute of stress on your property.
J&M Keystone, Inc. team members are standing by, ready to take your call, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. We’re don’t take vacations or observe holidays – we’re always here waiting on your call!

The Need for Speed

From our experience, we know that many restoration and cleaning conditions dictate immediate action. With a fleet of vehicles and more than 100 highly skilled professionals, J&M Keystone, Inc. can be on your site within minutes.
The effects of water damage can go from bad to irreversible very quickly. Your home or business’s entire structure can easily buckle from the stresses of swelled walls within hours.

Water Damage: Race Against the Clock

Within 60 Minutes

  • Finding the path of least resistance, water will spread throughout your residence, soaking everything in its path – including your flooring, walls, fabric and precious belongings.

Within 24 Hours

  • Drywalls begin to swell from the stress and begin inevitable failure
  • Unprotected metal surfaces tarnish and wood furniture swells and splits

Within 2 Days – 1 Week

  • Windows and doors begin to warp and swell
  • Wall studs become dangerously weakened
  • Rust and corrosion begin to take hold of unprotected metal
  • Human immune systems could be compromised due to serious micro- bacterial growth

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