​The best fire is one that never happens. There are many ways to prevent fires, and almost all of them are easier and cheaper than dealing with the aftermath of a blaze. Fire prevention methods can not only prevent property damage but save lives and prevent injury.

J&M Keystone, Inc., a San Diego disaster restoration company, works with clients to repair the damage caused by smoke and fire. When you have suffered smoke or fire damage in your home or business, contact J&M Keystone, Inc. for instant professional help.

An Ounce of Prevention

The American Red Cross offers some simple safety tips for preventing fires in the home. Every year, thousands of people die unnecessarily because of home fires. In many cases, simple preventative acts could have stopped these fires from occurring.

Most home fires can be prevented by following these simple safety tips:

  • Install smoke detectors and keep them working. According to national statistics, 65 percent of all fire deaths are in homes without working smoke alarms. Test the smoke alarms twice a year; experts suggesting doing this job and changing the batteries when you change your clocks in the spring and fall.
  • Make a fire escape plan. Your whole family should be familiar with your fire escape plan and know what to do no matter where they are in the home. Take the time to plan how you would get infants, the elderly or infirm and pets out of the home. Every family member should have an assignment and be able to carry it out swiftly and accurately. You should also have a central meeting place outside the home and everyone should go there immediately. Under no circumstances should anyone ever go back into a burning home.
  • Avoid cooking fires. Anyone who cooks should be familiar with kitchen fire safety, as most home fires start in the kitchen. Know how to extinguish grease fires, oven fires and other types of blazes and keep a working fire extinguisher close to or in the kitchen.
  • Avoid heater fires. Another large classification of home fires are those caused by space heaters. Never place a space heater close to bedding or curtains and be certain to follow all safety instructions when using the space heater.
  • Have electrical problems checked out immediately. Short circuits and other electrical problems can lead to fires. Be sure you have any electrical problems examined by a professional electrician.
  • Clean dryer lint and keep traps lint-free. Every year, dryer fires contribute to the total number of house fires. Never leave the dryer or any other appliance running when you are away from home, and be sure to clean your lint trap regularly as well as the exhaust hose. If your clothes are not drying as expected, it may be a sign that your exhaust line is plugged with lint.
    • Store flammable materials properly. If you have any flammable inventory, be sure you are following all procedures to store it correctly.
    • Install sprinkler systems. Many cities and counties require these systems for businesses over a certain size, but any business or home can install a sprinkler system. This is a good way to stop fires before they can become devastating.
    • Have the proper number of fire extinguishers available. The law states how many you must have per square foot. If you are in doubt, contact your local fire department for more information.
    • Check smoke alarms regularly. Just as you do at home, you should be checking your smoke alarms at your business regularly if you use battery-operated models.
    • Conduct regular fire drills. Your employees should know exactly what to do if a fire occurs. Everyone should be familiar with their stations, their duties and who to report to when they exit the building. Set up a plan and conduct regular fire drills to be sure everyone understands. Have backup plans in case someone is not at work when a fire occurs.

Cleanup After a Fire

​Fire safety may help you prevent most home and business fires, but some fires happen no matter what you do. For example, faulty wiring could cause you to have a fire without any warning. If that is the case, you need a professional to help you with the cleanup and restoration after the fire is out and the smoke has cleared.

J&M Keystone, Inc.
is a company dedicated to helping San Diego home and business owners recover quickly after a fire. J&M Keystone uses the latest technology, skills and tools to clean thoroughly after a fire and restore property from the devastation of a fire or of smoke, soot and water damage. Contact J&M Keystone, Inc. immediately for help in cleaning up debris and the devastating damage left after a fire.