Fire Damage and Cleanup

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J&M has Mattport certified technicians. We use the latest and largest cameras to provided accurate measurements and fine details others can’t provide.

Matterport is a major advancement in the industry for everyone involved. Matterport offers comprehensive benefits to adjusters, property owners, insurance companies, and restoration crews.

Save time by sending extremely accurate 3D scans to adjusters, owners, and property managers, including all measurements and contents involved. This technology also speeds up the rebuild process

  • Accurate Loss Documentation (including contents)
  • Automatic Floor Plan Creation for use in Xactimate
  • Share easily with adjusters, project managers, and consultants
  • Capture most losses in 45 minutes or less!

Of course, the policyholder benefits greatly by the efficiency and accuracy of Matterport. Being able to expedite the claims process means expediting the restoration process and helping home and business owners get back to their normal lives faster!

​Fires are some of the most devastating disasters than can befall a family or a business. When fires take place, it is almost inevitable that there will be some degree of damage to the property. While fires can burn and char homes, businesses and contents, often the damage involves smoke, soot and water from firefighting efforts rather than just fire damage from flames.

It is recommended that experts be involved in the cleanup after a fire, even if the visible damage does not seem severe. J&M Keystone, Inc. in San Diego offers professional service for fire damage and cleanup as well as restoration from fire, soot, smoke and water damage.

Fire Cleanup is best left to professionals

According to the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, fire cleanup is a job for professionals, particularly if you want the building and its contents restored to the greatest extent possible. The restoration process may be simple or complicated, but it requires very specific techniques in order to achieve the best results. Many home or business owners who try to perform their own cleanup after a fire fail to achieve these results or even make the situation worse.

Ash and soot residue is a major problem after a fire. The chemical composition of most ash and soot causes it to quickly corrode many types of surfaces. Many types of combustion result in ash that contains high levels of sulfur. This can cause etching, discoloration and powerful odors on clothing, drapes, carpets furniture, walls and personal items.

Ash and soot damage causes discoloration on plastic within minutes. Within hours, fiberglass and finishes on appliances or metals may tarnish or discolor. In a few days, walls, clothing and upholstery will be permanent stained or discolored. Wood and vinyl must be refinished or replaced within days after a fire if they are not cleaned properly.

After a few weeks, the cost for restoring a burned property has increased exponentially. There is a window of opportunity during which soot and ash damage can be reversed. If cleanup is not started within this time period, replacement is the only option.

Odor is another problem associated with a fire that only quick cleanup can resolve. Without proper cleaning, smoke odors may be very difficult to remove. These odors are not only unpleasant but, in sensitive people, they may trigger problems such as allergy attacks.

J&M Keystone, Inc Professional Fire Cleanup and Restoration Experts

​Cleaning up soot and ash from a fire must be done as soon as possible to prevent corrosion damage. However, only a professional who is certified to do such cleanup should be engaged for this job. Using the wrong cleaning methods could result in much worse damage or in damage that cannot be rectified.

When J&M Keystone, Inc. arrives at the site of a fire, the first thing these professionals do is assess the level of damage. They identify all affected materials, the source of odors and any structural issues that may affect a cleanup plan. Safety is the first priority, so it is important to ensure that the home or business is safe for people to enter.

Once the structural soundness of the building is established, J&M Keystone professionals will begin by thoroughly removing ash residue using proven techniques. Ash and soot can be easily disturbed and spread throughout a home or business to areas that were not previously compromised, so it is important for these experts to contain the ash or soot carefully during cleanup to prevent accidental contamination.

J&M Keystone, Inc. experts will separate salvageable material from that which cannot be saved so that home or business owners receive a clear picture of the extent of the damage. They will also use advanced cleaning techniques including special detergents to remove ash resident, smoke odors and other damage. Air cleaning may be necessary as well as treatment for water damage caused by firefighter efforts to save the building with water hoses. Complete saturation may require mold remediation or prevention as well.

J&M Keystone, Inc. has been helping San Diego home and business owners with emergency fire, water and other damage restoration and cleaning for nearly 30 years. With its fleet of 32 vans and trucks, over 100 employees and the right equipment and skills, J&M Keystone, Inc. is ready to help 24 hours per day, seven days per week. In most cases, technicians can be at a location within 60 minutes of the initial call. This rapid response time helps J&M Keystone, Inc. give the best possible results to those suffering from fire damage.

In addition, J&M Keystone, Inc. can work with insurance companies and others to control cleanup costs and ensure that home and business owners receive prompt, professional fire, soot, smoke and water damage cleanup services. For more information, contact J&M Keystone, Inc. immediately if you have suffered fire or other types of damage.