Will Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas? , 11 th Jan 2018


It’s not uncommon to go to great efforts to keep unwanted pests from taking up residence in your home. Rodents and other animals can do great damage to your home if left untreated. One of the hardest-to-get-rid-of pests are fleas, especially if you have pets.

In this issue, we’ll talk about best ways to get fleas out of your carpeting, one of the areas they especially love to hide.

How harmful can fleas be?

Beyond the normal itching they can cause, there have even been confirmed reports of fleas in Arizona testing positive for plague. Also, in July, warnings were issued in the Laredo, Texas area of fleas transmitting typhus.

How can I rid my carpeting of fleas?

While getting rid of fleas from your home is not a single-step approach, the comfort you’ll feel from getting the problem under control and providing your home with a healthier environment is definitely worth the effort.

  • Start With Your Pets
    The first step is to make sure your pet is treated for flea-control by using a treatment provided by your veterinarian or an over-the-counter product. Additionally, wash or completely replace your pet’s bedding.
  • Steam Cleaning and Vigilant Vacuuming
    While using your vacuum, attack the areas where your pets sleep or spend a majority of their time. If you feel that the flea infestation is an especially strong one, steam cleaning before vacuuming is a must.

While vacuuming will encourage the adult fleas to come out from their cocoons, the heat from the steam cleaning will actually kill most of the adult fleas.

  • Move To Other Parts of Your House
    After you’ve vacuumed the carpeting, turn your attention to your furniture, cushions, bed and pillows.

Even taking these steps, you’ll probably continue to see fleas over the course of the following two weeks or so as all of the flea eggs may not have been killed.

Also, be sure to sprinkle flea-killing products over your carpet.

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