Find Out How To Get Mold Out Of Your Carpet , 16 th Jan 2018


Mold can hide and grow in a host of areas in your home and business. The most common places are walls and damp areas like bathrooms and basements. But did you know that mold can also grow in your carpeting?

In this issue, we’ll talk about how to tell if you have mold in your carpeting and how to get rid of it.

How can mold hurt me?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, mold can cause a host of problems for different people. For example, those who suffer from chronic lung illnesses could be prone to serious infections that require immediate medical attention. Others may experience severe skin and eye irritation, nasal stuffiness, throat irritation or coughing.

How do I know if there’s mold in my carpet?

There are a host of telltale signs of mold hiding in your carpet. Chief among them are:

  • an area of carpeting that remains damp or wet;
  • black, green or white growth on your carpet;
  • musty odors stemming from the area around the carpeting; and
  • an increase in allergy activity.

How can I get mold out of my carpet?

Of course, the most effective way is to call on a professional who has access to powerful equipment to do the job quickly, thoroughly and safely.

If you want to give a go yourself, the key is to act quickly. As soon as you suspect mold in your carpeting, its time to swing into action.

  • Check for mold underneath the carpeting. If the padding is moldy, it definitely needs to be replaced.
  • Sweep the affected area with a broom. This will loosen the mold and make it easier to vacuum up.
  • Vacuum the area with the mold, then empty the contents into a bag for disposal.
  • Using a sponge, absorb a good mixture of dishwashing liquid and water, and scrub the affected area.
  • If the carpet can be moved, take it outside so that it can dry in the sunshine; if this is not possible, dry it down as best you can with a towel.

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Mold in your carpeting is nothing to play around with. Things can get serious in a hurry. To make sure your carpeting is completely mold-free, get in touch with us here at J&M Keystone, Inc.

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