Don’t Do This To Your Rugs! , 31 st Aug 2017

area rug in home

Area rugs can really set off a room. They give a room warmth, personality and a distinctive look.

But there are some things many people do with area rugs that not only drastically reduce their effectiveness but also greatly shorten their life spans.

In this issue, we’ll talk about things you could be doing that will probably ruin your area rugs.

  • Not using a rug pad.

The padding actually buffers your rug from the floor so that slipping is prevented and the rug has the “breathing space” it needs.

  • Leaving it in direct sunlight.   

The sun shines bright in San Diego, but it can quickly fade your rugs. The best way to combat this is to close your curtains and shades during the peak times of the day.

  • Not rotating your rug.

Just one part of your rug always bearing the brunt of the foot traffic is not a good idea. If this happens, one side of the rug will be worn down much faster than the other. You also need to rotate the rug so that just one side isn’t exposed to sunlight.

  • Not vacuuming regularly.

You’d be surprised at how quickly dirt and grind can build up in your rug and carpeting –even if just one weekly vacuuming is missed.

  • Letting stains settle

Spills need to be cleaned immediately so that they do not have a chance to harden and set in.


Regular deep cleanings are essential to extending the life of your carpeting and rugs, and we’d be happy to do it for you.

We’re a full-service carpet cleaning company providing service for San Diego and the surrounding communities. In addition to cleaning home carpeting, we also provide services for a host of businesses, including offices, churches, retail stores, banks, restaurants, hotels, club, warehouses and commercial buildings.

Give us a call for an estimate; our number is 800-368-2757.

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