How to Identify Termite Damage , 06 th Mar 2018


Few pests can cause as much havoc to our homes and buildings as termites. By the time the average homeowners see the initial signs, enough damage has often already been done to compromise the strength and safety of the structure.

In this issue, we’ll talk about:

  • the prevalence of termite damage in California;
  • how to identify the potential signs of termite damage; and
  • how to select the right professional for termite damage restoration in San Diego.

How common in termite damage in California?

According to reports from realty experts, termites are strongly attracted to the climate conditions of California. At the national level, the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirms that more than 600,000 homes are affected by termite damage and the estimated annual costs top $5 billion.

Is termite damage limited to homes and structures made of wood?

While wood is their preferred diet, termites are capable of making their way through various materials, including metal siding, plaster and others before finding their way to floors, ceilings and even furniture.

What are the signs of termite damage?

Here is a partial list of potential evidence of termite infestation and damage:

  • mud tubes – which are actually termite shelter tubes – that stretch from the foundation of your home;
  • small holes in drywall or wood;
  • wood that produces a hollow sound as you tap it;
  • windows and doors that are suddenly stuck;
  • sagging floors;
  • wings discarded by reproductive termites; and
  • peeling paint that looks like water damage.

What should I do if I find termite damage?

The first step is to stop the damage and call a pest control company to have your property inspected. Here a few things to look for in selecting the right exterminator:

  • be wary of exterminators who will rely on bait sticks, as they will actually attract termites;
  • check the consumer ratings of any exterminators you’re potentially going to call; and
  • make sure the technician that treat your property has received proper training and has passed a California exam.

For termite repair and replacement in San Diego, call J&M Keystone, Inc.

If you have termite damage in your home and business, you’ll most likely need restoration once the pests have been exterminated.

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