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, 17th Aug 2017

Owners of Ford Explorers across the country are on alert as reports continue to flood in about the vehicles being vulnerable to allowing carbon monoxide poisoning. Nearly 3,000 complaints of

pet, house fire, pets

, 15th Aug 2017

In early July, a fire caused by a family pet knocking over a burning candle caused $60,000 in damages as the home was burned to the ground. Thankfully, no injuries to human or pets was repor

, 10th Aug 2017

We’ve talked before about the importance of having smoke alarms and fire extinguishers throughout your home or business. There’s another crucial tool that could prove vitally imp

barn, fireproof your barn

, 08th Aug 2017

In March, three fire engines and a battalion chief struggled to extinguish a barn fire in Kuna. Thankfully, none of the animals were injured in the blaze, but with all the potential fuel (ha

microwave, fire cleanup

, 03rd Aug 2017

In June, an apartment fire sparked by a microwave oven displaced residents in a two-story 10-unit apartment complex in Isla Vista. Although the fire caused extensive smoke damage to the apar

fire, college

, 01st Aug 2017

The 2017-18 academic year will be gearing up soon for colleges and universities across the country. With so many people gathered on relatively small places like college campuses, it’s

spa, Jacuzzi, electrical shock

, 27th Jul 2017

If you’re a pool owner, you probably already know about the importance of knowing how to swim or float to prevent drowning. But are you aware of the many pitfalls around pools and spas

fire, house fire

, 25th Jul 2017

There are few disasters that are more devastating to homes and businesses than fires. Of course, in the event of a fire, the first priority is to make sure that anyone in a home or business

boat fire

, 20th Jul 2017

In mid-June, a quick-thinking Happy Valley family were able to escape tragedy by getting off their house-boat, which had been engulfed by flames. In this issue, we’ll tell you what hap


, 18th Jul 2017

Last July, an abandoned, illegal campfire sparked a Soberanes fire that scorched more than 67-square miles of Monterey County and killed one person. The campfire was about 2-feet by 2-feet a

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